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Randall’s Tipsheets provide unique insights on growing your business. They are all aimed at translating knowledge into action… in a quick, action-oriented 60-second nugget. If you are interested in receiving these each week, fill in your name and email below.


Email List Quality

Apple’s Trust Disclosure as a Competitive Advantage

Losing Trust with Creepy Tracking

Trust, Pain, and Price

Monetizing Thought Leadership: Client Journeys

Tactical Relationship Building: Give to Get

Reducing Your Costs with Partnerships

Digital Transformation: Toolmaker Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy: Direct to Consumer

Digital Transformation Strategy: Vertical Integration

Digital Transformation Strategy: New geographies

Digital Transformation Strategy: Crowdsourcing

Digital Transformation Strategy: Shared Services

Digital Transformation Strategy: Debundling

Digital Transformation Strategy: Transformation to SAAS

Digital Transformation Strategy: White Label

LinkedIn Spam Reduction Strategy

Webinar Marketing Blueprint

Transparency and Risks with Segment-of-One Marketing

Proposal Triggers: How to Generate More Business

Self-Made Scandals and the Long Memory of Social Media

Fake vs Authentic Corporate Communications: Can We Do Better?

Addressing the Client Bandwidth Issue

Building Trust: Main Character or Supporting Cast?

CRM Fundamentals to Build your Business

When You Get Hacked

Ten Challenges When Building an Affiliate Program

Brand Balance: Personal vs Organizational Brands

AI labels: Building Trust by Identifying AI Generated Content

AI Branding – Junkification?

Post-sale: The Most Overlooked Part of the Client Journey

Journey mapping: Touchpoint Questions

11 Digital Transformation Journey Mapping Questions

ChatGPT Prompt Strategy

Six Tough AI Questions

When You Lose: Ask and Offer

Nine Privacy Action Points

AI Risks and Lost Opportunities (Part Two)

AI Risks and Lost Opportunities (Part One)

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

Fourteen Digital Trust Killers

Building Disruption Analysis into Strategic Planning: Nine Disruptive Business Models

Derived Personas and Lead Profiles

Insight: Dark Patterns

What Should We Stop Doing?

Targeting: From Gut to Segmentation to Individual Targeting

Shadow Profiles and Hidden Demographics

Imposter Syndrome vs Imposters: Five Tests to Spot the Fake

Defensive Strategies when Others Disrupt You…

LinkedIn Prospecting — A New Social Contract?

Trust is the Currency of Transactions

“Done is Better than Perfect”

Big Data and NO Competitive Advantage: The Tenant Problem

Value Chain: Upstream-Downstream Analysis

The Database Thought Leadership Test

ChatGPT – Is it Stealing Your Content?

The Community Involvement Thought Leadership Test

Acing the Google Thought Leadership Test

The Longevity Thought Leadership Test

The Traditional Media Thought Leadership Test

The Social Follower Thought Leadership Test

The Speaker/Author Thought Leadership Test

The Activity Level Thought Leadership Test

The Fancy Title Thought Leadership Test (Seniority x Organization Size)

How to do Issues and Trends Analysis

Rebranding: Foiled by Human Nature

The Five Ages of Disruption

Using Personas to Understand Trust

Big data, analytics, and competitive advantage

Re-looking at the rush to digital

Checklist: 20 Top News Sharing Ideas

Leaving a Market Behind?

Activating your learning investment

Insight: Improving Creative Potential

Digital Addiction

Blog and Social Media Errors [updated]

Agile Methodology

Trust, Website Security, and SEO

Insight: The Business of Risk

Six Tests for Testing Trends

Becoming an Efficient Thought Leader

Six Top Thought Leadership Articles

Bloated Websites: Transparency vs. Accessibility

Customer Service: Automated, Templated, or Customized

Eight Disruptive Business Models

Insight: Software Costs in the Age of the Cloud

Five Steps to Reduce Risk

Transformational Thinking

14 key digital planning reads


Brand values: reporter or columnist?

13 Resources for Writers

Websites: strategic assets or the newest commodity?

Problem Solving with Appreciative Inquiry

Building Front-line Buy-in

Don’t tell me how to think: Trump, Trudeau, and the realpolitik of marketing today

Inclusive Communications – Avoiding the Uniformity Trap

Six Ways to Sabotage your Consultants

How journalists improve reader engagement

The Power of Diversity

A Different Market Research

11 ways to build creativity into brainstorming

Insight: Rebranding recipe

Viewpoint: The Rebranding Decision

Eight email marketing letters

Insight: Building High Performance Boards

21 ways to have more effective virtual meetings

12 travel hacks

Pricing strategy

Eyeballs and Friends: A Social Media Crash?

Commodities, Academics, Golfers, and Stars

Viewpoint: Virtual and augmented reality

Price, Expertise, and Trust – revisited

The Sharpest Point (2)

Avoiding tech project failures (2)

Viewpoint: Microsoft LinkedIn

Avoiding tech project failures

Is Content Dead? (Yes… and No)

LinkedIn Connection Policy

Avoiding a disastrous CRM implementation

Trust Killers

Ten Questions to Improve Data Quality

Branding and Web Security

Viewpoint: Software as a Service (SAAS) – An Unwelcome Future?

Digital Governance

Insight: Building a Thinking Organization

Facebook as a Leadership Tool – You Be the Judge

Viewpoint: The End of Twitter?

Digital Efficiency and Findability: Anchors and Outposts

Reputation Rescue

Brand Building and Brand Transfer

Social Media Mistakes: Back to First Principles

Growing Your List (Part 2)

Growing Your List (Part 1)

Brand Building: Strong On the Inside

Monetizing IP: Implementing an eLearning program

14 great reads on building influence and impact

8 Must-Reads on Growth

Instant Messaging: Channel of Choice?

Viewpoint: Corporate voice cop-outs, authenticity, and accountability

When to fire your web developer (18 reasons)

Website launch checklist

Clickbait Headlines Lose Trust

Marketing Congruency

27 Reasons to Skip Social Media

Identity theft and email spoofing

Ten Tests for Assessing Influence

Identifying and reducing Facebook risks

Ten webinar utilization strategies

Building a collaborative culture: eight internal social media tactics

Building Your Marketing Stack

Intranet Maturity Model: Strong on the Inside

Viewpoint: Feedback on a “bad” post

Insight: Becoming web invisible

Monetizing IP: Online Learning

Choosing your Marketing Voice

Marketing Fluff: Increasing your value per word

Eleven Key Marketing Automation Sequences

Testimonials and References

11 killer copywriting techniques

Viewpoint: the Unintended Consequences of Low Fidelity

Insight: Unpacking the Trust Curve

Today Marketing or Tomorrow Marketing

Viewpoint: Expert-writers and Writer-experts

Three approaches to mobile responsive design

Insight: How not to sell

Web site testing fundamentals

Building engagement and community

Marketing Insight: Big Data and Lead Scores

Insight: 37 Social Media Risks

Digital Opportunity?

Building Downstream Capacity with your Partners

Insight: Improving Digital ROI – the power of empowerment

LinkedIn Connection Policies

Viewpoint: “Branded” Content Builds Brands?

The Law of Unattraction

Nurture Marketing: No or “Not Yet”

Unpacking Relationship Marketing

Spam Rescue and Type I Errors

Viewpoint: Cuba, Data sovereignty, and the Cloud

Viewpoint: Building Credibility and Legitimacy

Domain names – how many is too many?

Momentum Marketing

Three types of emails

Finding the Social Media Tipping Point

Top 10 Content Marketing Posts

Consuming Content and Scanning Video

Mobile Marketing: Four Principles

Ten tips for when the media calls

Money Now or Money Later

15 factors for creating great videos (Part 2)

15 factors for creating great videos (Part 1)

Mobile site or Mobile App?

Eight Video Strategies

How to charge for content – or not

Airplane-mode networking

Insight: Should AIDA be replaced?

26 Branded Content Ideas

Social ROI: Connecting Community to Commitment

Creative Time and Place

Three Digital Strategies

Four Tests for Auditioning your Posts

Growing Social Legs: Event-powered Communities

Social Media: Buy or Rent?

Increasing Newsletter Registrations

Trust: Earning the Right to Ask

Three Blog Archetypes: Writing for Results

Methodology, Standardization, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

Insight: Objectivity or the Information Bubble

Exceeding Expectations

Does it (Google) Translate?

CASL: Six Name Recapture Strategies

Real World or Digital

CASL: Double Opt-in is not Express Consent (and vice-versa)

LinkedIn Groups: to join or not?

Delivering Engaging Webinars and Zoom presentations

17 Ways to Reduce Engagement

27 Year Internet Anniversary

Action Bulletin: Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

Blogging at the Intersection of Relevance

Cutting Through the Digital Clutter

Social Media Slimming Down: Costly or Gone

Stealing Ideas and Social Media

Looking for growth: Back to basics

Avoiding costly web development corner cutting (Part II: 15 ways developers cut corners)

Avoiding costly web development corner cutting (Part I: Four key reasons developers cut corners)

When Market Research is insufficient… or ill-advised

Content Creation: Idea seeding

An Optimal Twitter Schedule

Learning Strategy from McDonalds… and Five Guys

Seven Reasons to Skip Social Media

Viewpoint: Competing with Free

Avoiding Social Incrementalism: Six Digital Strategy Insights

Insight: Marketing Beyond Commitment with the Trust Chain

Testing the Social Conversation

Twitter Strategy, Take Three

Built for it

Cut Marketing Costs? Mission Possible

Black Friday! Get my books at a big discount! Sale!

A Motivating Web Form Call to Action

Web Sleuthing and Competitive Archeology

Viewpoint: The End of Social Media

Lipstick on a Pig: Is this the new Social Media?

Selling Products using Social Media

Four Steps from Social Strategy to Successful Sales

Time for a Twitter Wall? (Part Two)

Time for a Twitter Wall? Or Chat?

Powerful Posts or Contrived Conversations

Not back to school – Lessons for every student

Ten Tests: Can Your Website Live Through One More Year?

Marketing Insight: From Landing Pages to Microsites

Marketing Insight: The Five Principles of Web Usability

Protecting your Digital Cargo

Marketing Insight: White Papers and Inbound Marketing

When Sharing is not a Good Idea

Back-Stories, Lessons, Ali, and Hymie

Inbound Web Contact Strategies

Insight: Omni-channel experience

Blog Post Magic Bullet

Blog Cluster Strategy

Twitter Strategy, Take Two

Generating ROI: The other 95%

Social Over-Indulgence

Social Relevance: Improving Your Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Being Real

Scenario Planning: Social Response Strategy

Marketing Insight: Improving Web ROI

Social Media Planning Calendar

Are Resumes Dead?

Viewpoint: Social Media – Going Out of Business

Prospecting on LinkedIn

Low Digital Productivity?

Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

Social Media Dieting

17 Ways to Great Social Engagement

Choosing your focus

What’s your 365?

Viewpoints and Social Opinions

Eight Great Social Media Reads

Baseline Capability and Campaigns

Social Infrastructure

Social Networking Integration

Black Friday

LinkedIn Crowdsourcing

How great are you? Endorsements and Recommendations

Just In Time

Social Media Tick Box

Earning the Right

Digital Capability

Viewpoint: Facebook – Billions Served

Landing Pages

Social Media Measurement (Part Two)

Tech note: SEO – DIY (Search Engine Optimization – Do It Yourself)

Online Customer Service

Rebranding Rationale: Microsoft, Pinetree Advisors

Information Thief, Attribution, and ChatGPT

Social Attention Span

Olympic Competition

Generation Gap


Viewpoint: Email, R.I.P.

It’s not about me

Attraction and Conversion

Exit the Bubble: Unfinding Your Tribe

Your Daily Social Media Routine

Three Marketing Models

Social Choice: Ignore, Listen, Join or Host

Viral Video Checklist

Is Social Networking supposed to sell?

QR Codes: Qritical or Qraze?

Viewpoint: EBook Lawsuit? Next up is iCensorship

Social Customer Service Strategy

LinkedInvestment: Eight ways to improve your Social ROI

Social Media Measurement

Corporate Success Factors

Can you ever have too many friends? (yes)

Social Media Carrot and Stick

Viewpoint: Social Censorship

Seven Social Media Job Search Steps

Three lessons from the Facebook prospectus

Six Steps to Strategic Blogging

Back to the Basics

Marketing Insight: When Users Defect

Audience Assumptions

Access Assumptions

Signalling Your Intentions

Tools of the Trade

Five Social Media New Year’s Career Resolutions

13 Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

All the world’s a stage

Who is your Mahamood?

Repurpose or Repeat?

Viewpoint: Planning for an Uncertain Future

Are you a Social Media addict?

What Digital Communications Tier are you on?

Trust Takes Time

Viewpoint: Risky Business

Build It and They Will Come: Social Media Promotion Strategy

Consistency builds trust

Reflections on Steve Jobs and the impact of Apple

Social Media Damage Control

The Power of a (Broken) Promise

Reading beyond the lines, part two

Social Media Stop Sign

Viewpoint: Is the Cloud for the Birds?

Critical Mass

Viewpoint: The case against social media regulation

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

A Better Engagement

Social Media Fatigue

Communal Literacy

Pictures from the Masters

A New York state of mind

Backwards Thinking

Innovation and the Connected Generation

The Right 10,000 Hours

A Real Connection

Social Media Geography

Social Media Crash Landing

The Authentic Me

Foolish Policies or Accountability

Not Just Marketing

The Toughest Question

The Social Benchmark

Strategy and Synergy

Management and Measurement

Viewpoint: 47 Tough Social Media Questions

Viewpoint: Will Facebook Take Over the World?

Secret Sauce? Improving Social Media ROI

Gutless and Spineless…

The Case Against Facebook

No Digital Dial Tone

Buzz the Buzz

Viewpoint: Does Free Always Mean Free?

Knowledge to Action


Goal Culture

Old Year’s Resolutions

Location or Credibility?

Blog Intentions

Social Media ROI

The Rule of Three

Crisis Communicator

Prime time

Network Strength

Enough Fluff

Don’t Feed the Monster


Remember First, Second, Third

Personal Blog Branding

No Blog Pressure

Reverse Engineering

Zoom Lens

16 Blog Topic Ideas

Who’s your Charlie?

Mind the (Service) Gap

Respect Your Referrals

Idea Popularity Contest

Best… Social Media Tips

Creativity Rules

Diverse Points

Good to Great… Attitude

Summer Motivation

Follower, Friend, or Family?

Twitter Job Search

25 Hours of Status Updates

Persona Grata

Reality Distortion Field

Eye of the Beholder

Best of… Career Planning

Anti-social Networking

Private or Public?

Best of… Networking

Information Vacation

Risky Business: Identity Theft

Out without the Shout

Social (Support) Networks

On or In?

Social Media Manners Matter

Prep the Night Before

Olympic Tin Medal

Focus on the Question

Rangers and Scouts

Oscar Performance

Does Social Media Make you Lazy?

SMS: Social Media System

Cultural Connection

Too Much Information

Carrot and Stick Resolutions

Personal Branding Early Warning System

Motivation vs. Movement

The Seven Steps of Digital Engagement

Conversation starters

Letters to the Editor


Finding the Pearl


Too Many Friends?

Spontaneous Discovery

Social Media Sinkholes

One step back, two steps forward

Twitter Strategy (updated)


Squeezing the Negative

What catches your eye?

What’s your Foundation?

Social Media Tune-up

Intellectual Health Food

Alternative options

Color Television

Brain Operating System: Autopilot

Career Performance

All by myself

Sweat the small stuff – again


The Secret… System

Networking fundamentals

Great Headlines

Not Like Me

What’s Stopping You?


Reference and Recommendations

Network Values

Leave it til later


A Great Story

Not Yet

Good Penmanship

Social Media Risk Takers


A solution with my name on it

Oscar Performance

Answers from Questions

Personal Branding Proxy


Social Notworking

No Objections

The Legacy Formula

Online PR and Social Media for Experts, Authors, Consultants, and Speakers

No Conflicting Advice

No Year’s Resolutions

Just Ask

The World Revolves Around Others

Nemawashi Master

A Better Four-Letter Word

Network Intention


Tomorrow’s job today

Better late than never

The Case for Certifications


Quantify your Impact

Active Listening

Weasel words have no weight

One Step

What do I want to be known for?

Urgent vs. Important

Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You

The First Day of School

The Best Career Book

Lessons from Retail

Career Spin Doctor

Serving Non-clients Profitably

Cut It Out

White Space

Summer Vacation

Time is of the Essence

Embrace and Extend

Indie Book Award Winner

Built for it

Performance Prep

Coffee is for Closers

Low Maintenance High Return

Serious Promises


The Host

Holding Attention

Promise Keepers

Dr. No

Thought for the Day

Mission Possible

Career Inertia

One Phone Call

Career Renovations

Go-to Guy

Impactful Presentations

When the shoe fits

Becoming Sherlock Holmes: Interview Research

Giving Credit

Career Professional

Proofreading Makes Perfect

Breaking Convention

Flexibility of style

Trusting Opportunity

The Not-So-Secret

Networking Choices: Deepen your relationships, or find new ones?

Holiday Nocations


Small Things Matter

Speed meeting

Starting a job before you start

Think Different

Yes means No

Interview Questions

Reading beyond the lines [u]

One Thing

The Long Game

Process Professional

That’s a Great Idea

Reference Check Marks


September Makes You Stronger

Message and Messenger

Who is more important?

Meeting Magic

Nickels and Dimes

Secret Sauce


Closing Statements


TILIS – Tell It Like It Is

Who’s the Client?

Zero Sum Thinking

The Opportunity of Unscheduled Time

Networking Three-Step


Winning the Interview Beauty Contest

Closing the Expectations Gap

Stick to your Strengths

Don’t Focus on Results

Good Job

If you put your mind to it

Hunters and Farmers

Knowledge to Action

Give to Get

Brainstorming Creatively

Career Paradise

You Don’t Start a Bonfire, You Light a Spark

The Hardest Call

Cheap, Smart, and Trusted

The Center of Gravity

Profitable non-profits

It’s (not) all about me

Speaking of Language

Work yourself out of a job

A Different New Year’s Resolution

Plant a seed and something will grow

Vacation Stress


Elevator Pitch – Going Up

Finding Time by Scheduling It


Data, Information, Intelligence

Footprints on the Sands of Time

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Light the Fire

Starting a New Job

Experiences, not Experience

Personal Branding – It’s the Real Thing

Professional Intensity


Celebrate Your Staff

The good old days…

Viral Career Marketing

Back to School

Coaching 1-2-3

People don’t fail, they give up

Business Travel Balancing Act

Experience Life

The Hare and the Fox

Great First Impressions

Making Great Coffee

The Sharpest Point

Summer Resolutions

It’s not what you say, it’s what they see

Stretch yourself and reach up

Balancing Act – Chapter One

Mentor Mentee

Community Involvement – Personal Benefit

Give and You Shall Receive (Networking for Business Development)

The 1% Solution

What would my mentor do?

Becoming the Perfect Candidate

Fit and Sharp


Lead from behind

Thinking inside the box

Two ears and one mouth

Sweat the Small Stuff

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

The Five W’s

Think and Grow Rich

A Lifetime Return on Investment

When is the best time to plant a tree?

Learning from the Rest

When you want something done, give it to a busy person…

Honesty and the Ostrich

(2004 and 2005 issues no longer available online)


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