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BLOGGood to Great… Attitude

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We all know that having a great attitude is important, but what if you have always seen the glass as half empty? Is it possible to learn to see it half full? The answer, thankfully, is yes. Read on for ten tips that can turn around a bad attitude, or turn a good one into great:

1) Be intentional: Specifically commit to yourself that you will work on a better attitude. If you don’t do this, no motivational speaker, inspirational tipsheet, or coaching can help.

2) Set meta-objectives: For those tasks (or people) who you’re not keen on, set positive objectives over-and-above the task at hand. For example, if you don’t enjoy working with someone, set a meta-objective to discover, while working with them, one thing that they do better than anyone else.

3) Focus on the positive: Each situation that you find yourself in has two sides. As soon as you see a half-empty glass, immediately stop and identify how, and why, it’s half full.

4) Fly with the eagles: Or rather, fly away from the whiners and complainers. Over time, you will adopt the attitudes of those around you; it is far healthier for you to be around upbeat, positive people. If you want to be an eagle, start flying with them.

5) Become a teacher: We each are models for others; if you notice that these others have bad attitudes, then hold up the mirror and consider who they learned it from. Become a great role model, and you’ll find others will become one too.

6) Be authentic: Having a pollyanna attitude of “everything is perfect” is inauthentic, unrealistic, and unhelpful. Instead of pretending that everything is fine, since often it isn’t, focus instead on developing a healthy and positive reaction to your surroundings.

7) Enlist the support of those around you: Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to let you know when your attitude is not good. Sometimes people just aren’t aware of when they slip into “the bad”.

8) Move on: People who find themselves in a toxic environment (a bully boss at work or an abusive spouse at home) often use their attitude as a defense mechanism. In these cases, the best way to repair your attitude is to permanently extract yourself from the environment as soon as possible.

9) Cognitive Restructuring: Whenever we are faced with stress, our emotional response sometimes has an undue impact on our attitude. Cognitive restructuring is a technique where we rationally examine our thoughts, and reframe how we think. For example, when you are under stress, ask yourself “what’s the worst that could happen… and can I deal with it?” When your mind has processed the answer and can think more rationally, your attitude may also be more rational.

10) Have fun: Too often, our bad attitudes are caused by an imbalance between fun and not-fun activities. (So spend time doing more fun activities.)


The better our attitude, the more we attract others of like mind. The worse our attitude, the more we attract others of like mind. This week, consider those around you: have you attracted good people, or just people with bad attitudes? Do you think you’ve attracted the “best”? If you’re not happy with the answer, then the solution is already within you: change your attitude from bad, to good, to great.

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