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by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Communication, Make It Happen TipsheetTagged as: , ,

Clients, prospects, friends, family, co-workers, your manager, and recruiters: It’s easy to assume that everyone thinks precisely like you do. But they don’t. They each have their own experience, education, training. We know this instinctively, yet still we make mistakes based on this premise. Then during a presentation, in an interview, when we write reports, or when we post online, we don’t come across as powerfully as we should.

A few ways to avoid this mistake:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your audience.
  • Who are the people that will read your memo or listen to your presentation? is it possible to categorize them?
  • What expectations does the audience/reader/prospect/interviewer have coming in?
  • How will they react to your message?
  • Are there special words or phrases that have strong positive or negative connotations?

Without considering the perspectives of others, especially others who think differently than you, it is unlikely that your message will have the desired impact. Based on your answers, what changes should you make in your approach?


Look at your calendar, and choose the next deadline you have. Run through your next memo, meeting, or presentation from multiple perspectives, and make the appropriate changes. While everybody is “not like me”, if you craft your message cleverly, your message will have them thinking that you do indeed think as they do.

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