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Too often it is the marketers, advertisers, PR folks, and others involved in the sales process who “own” digital within an organization. This isn’t surprising, but it is unfortunate. The development of relationships is critically important in just about every organizational department, and each person’s individual success.  And digital transformation cuts across all departments.

Not convinced? Here are a few suggestions on who can use digital, and how:

HR: To source candidates, to tweet about job postings, to check references

Supply Chain: Supplier due diligence and reviews; To tweet about upcoming RFP’s and current inventory levels.

Investor Relations: To send notifications about upcoming financial reporting; to solicit questions for investor calls and meetings.

Legal: To monitor and identify inappropriate use of trademarks and copyrights.


Is every group within your organization using digital, and doing so effectively? Or is digital stuck exclusively in the clutches of marketing and IT? This week, find one way to embed more digital concepts and collaboration within your organization.  Your relationships will be stronger – as will the business.

Bonus concept: Identify where online you can find professional support, and get involved (It might be in a LinkedIn group, an industry association’s discussion group or a Twitter #Hashtag…)

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