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BLOGAvoiding Social Incrementalism: Six Digital Strategy Insights

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If you are ahead of the curve in your digital strategy, you know there is no magic bullet: your days are spent making minor changes to improve SEO, more minor changes to improve on-page conversion, and A-B testing to improve email response rates.  Once each year, however, it makes sense to rise above the weeds, and consider the new.

Here are six quick reads that can help you do this:

  • Improving Web ROI:  No longer should web investment be a question of hunches.  This post captures the key metrics and provides specific ideas to improve conversion.
  • Scenario Planning: Social Response Strategy:  Does it make sense to pre-think responses to common queries?  Doing so allows the response task to be standardized – and delegated.
  • Omni-channel experience:  It’s not 1978 anymore: with so many paths towards a transaction, marketing and business development has become significantly more complex.  Learn about Omni-channel marketing and the customer journey.
  • White papers and Inbound marketing:  “Monetizing” thought leadership is easily defined but difficult to execute, without a robust content strategy.  This post describes six ways to use your experience to attract the right clients/customers/members.
  • Five principles of web usability:  Usability isn’t just a question of simple websites: it directly impacts your brand, and your web conversion rates.  Test your site against these five principles to see how you do.
  • From Landing pages to micro sites:  Whatever you do in the real world must also be reflected online. But how much effort should be put into it?  There is a hierarchy of options – learn about them here.


It won’t take more than 30 minutes to read through these links.  Choose one area that you had not considered, and put it on your calendar for action.  Continuous improvement is critical, but without considering “the new” leads to incrementalism – and opportunity lost.

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