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BLOGWhat Should We Stop Doing?

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True or False: If you could deliver more to your clients, you should. True or False: If you could serve more markets, you should. And finally, True or False: If you could sell a greater range of services and products, you should.

What Should We Stop Doing?

While the answer to these questions can be argued successfully either way, too often we see “more” as always the better answer. After all, who doesn’t want more sales, more margin, and more profit?

Unfortunately, the challenge of “more” is that it adds… more. More complex recruiting, more training, more R&D, more complex marketing, more complex operations, more complex IT, more complex support, and a more complex management structure.

One approach to Business Transformation is to strip away the “more”, and refashion the organization into one that is far less complex. And as a result, one that is more focused with a far tighter cost structure.

To help “strip away the more”, here are three questions to start the conversation:

  1. What did the organization look like ten years ago and five years ago? And what specifically was added between these two milestones? And what was added between five years ago and today? What changes would there be if these add-ons were stripped off and sold?
  2. If every business unit or product line were rated by business potential and current return on investment, which areas are ranked low on both dimensions? What would happen if you stopped doing them, or sold them off?
  3. If you lined up the entire value chain in your organization, and looked at the areas for which others were far better at it than you, what would your business look like if these areas were either outsourced or sold?


Before even starting a business transformation conversation (let alone a digital transformation one), your organization must choose what to stop doing. This week, share this tipsheet with your colleagues, and have this “stop-doing” conversation instead. To make room for something new, you also need to stop doing something old.

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