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BLOGPeople don’t fail, they give up

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Look around, and you see others enjoying great vacations, fancy cars, and the fruits of their professional success. Especially when you don’t have these things, it is easy to lose your confidence, which makes these (and other goals) even less attainable.

While some people are successful because they are lucky, most people get to where they are because of consistent, long-term, hard work. And those who fail, often do so merely because they give up. They stop their professional “car” half-way on their journey, and wonder why they haven’t reached their destination.

An interesting way to characterize failure is to use the word yet. “I haven’t been promoted” is a phrase that says failure. “I haven’t been promoted… yet” says something completely different: your goal is in the process of being achieved. I haven’t reached my quota… yet. I haven’t got my university degree.. yet. I haven’t started a family… yet. And so on.


Consider your professional goals, and choose one item where you have not YET achieved success. What are the specific tasks that you need to do, on a continual basis, to achieve this goal? Calendarize them, and get going. Remember: People don’t fail, they give up.

Brand insight:  This is also true when it comes to marketing, but there is a big caveat.  Bad strategy and bad tactics will never bring about a great result.  Knowing when to make a change is not giving up – it’s called experience.

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