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BLOGFour Tests for Auditioning your Posts

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Have you ever considered whether you should comment on a post that mentions you or your organization? As a leader, have you ever been concerned that someone in your organization might choose to respond inappropriately?

If so, consider these four tests for choosing when to respond:

  1. Is the post legal? Many organizations operate under laws and regulations that constrain certain types of online responses. Governments, regulators, and financial services organizations clearly fall into this category, but privacy laws impact every organization.  Don’t post if it skirts the law.
  2. Is the post ethical? Each person has their own moral compass, and typically will not do something they feel uncomfortable doing. Individuals may also be constrained by ethical rules imposed by their professional association. Furthermore, most organizations have standards of conduct that govern how employees behave, offline and on.  Don’t post when there are ethical questions about it.
  3. Is this post useful to the intended audience? If it doesn’t add value, it will be ignored. More importantly, each useless post tugs the organization’s brand in the wrong direction.  Only post when you have something valuable to say.
  4. Is this post strategic to the organization? While a post may be useful to the audience, it should also add value to the organization. In other words, what strategic objective does a post achieve?  Only post when there is strategic alignment.


Every post, reply, comment, share and retweet needs to audition for a spot on stage.  Look back over the last month, and assess whether your responses – or your organization’s – get a passing grade. Legal and ethical are easy – the challenge is achieving balance between the last two.

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