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by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Branding, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Networking

If you think about the various consumer products that you use, most of them enjoy significant brand equity. Each brand name represents a series of attributes: when you think of IBM, for example, you might think of dependable technology for big business; Apple, on the other hand, might represent innovative, easy-to-use technology for the younger generation.

As we relate to those attributes, we develop an affinity towards that brand – and possibly make a purchase. The stronger the brand equity, the stronger the affinity that product will have with its target market – and the easier it will be to make the sale.

The same holds true with your own personal brand. What is it that you represent? What underlying attributes do you have that a prospective client, employer, or friend might develop an affinity for? And how do you describe your brand, if asked? One technique is to borrow the attributes of something that already has brand equity. This could be an animal, a car, or even another existing brand:

  • I am like the turtle that wins the race: steady, dependable, and a great mentor to my younger colleagues.
  • I am like a cougar: excited about the hunt, always looking to close the next sale.
  • I am like a Lamborghini: Great engineering – great experience – and will always win the race.

The benefits of this technique is that an existing brand, chosen well, can often describe your attributes more effectively than an entire hour-long pitch or interview. And it is far more memorable.


What animal, car, company, product, or character can work as your personal branding proxy? After you’ve chosen something, find an opportunity to use it during the week.

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