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BLOGSocial Media Stop Sign

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How long ago did you (or your organization) start your Social Media “work”?

Likely, a number of years ago.  Remember this? First came LinkedIn: you filled out your profile, asked for (and responded to) connection requests.  Then you asked for (and responded to) recommendation requests, asked (and responded to) questions, and joined a number of groups.  Then you added more onto your profile, including reading lists, blogs, Slideshare files, and all manner of other functionality.  You breathed a sigh of relief, until the next day, when you had to check what your connections were doing (and respond), check out group conversations (and respond), then check out who viewed your profile (and check out theirs).

You then repeated a similar process with  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Networks.  And then you discovered TikTok and other similarly addictive sites.  It seems that each year (month?) we layer on more and more activity, all for a dubious return on investment.

Some people  – and organizations – are fighting back by exempting themselves completely from this race.  They lock up online access during the working hours, have a no Social Media blanket policy, and pretend that the billions who are on these platforms don’t include prospective clients, job candidates, and other interested parties.  Or that individuals can’t simply use their phones to surf.  Silly.

Other people – and organizations – buy into Social Media so strongly that the Social Media tail begins wagging the corporate strategy dog.  Dangerous.


A more effective approach is to cut one Social Media activity whenever a new one is added.  This forces an evaluation of all of your activities to determine which ones are no longer pulling their weight.  At the end of the day you may decide not to cut anything, but at least you’re asking the question.  This week, identify the Social Media activity that is no longer yielding you a return.  Even if it is your favorite activity, you know what to do.  (Or rather, stop doing.)

Marketing Insight:  An even more effective approach is to start with a Digital Strategy, which encompasses email/web/Social/Marketing automation/CRM, is tied into your data analytics on one end, and overall strategy on the other.  Only then can you really figure out whether any particular Social Media activity is pulling its weight.

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