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What makes you happy either at work? And what makes you unhappy? While you can probably list many items in each category, are they opposites? If something makes you happy, will the absence of it make you unhappy?

According to the psychologist Frederick Herzberg, the answer may actually be “no”.  Job satisfaction is influenced by Motivators, while job dissatisfaction is influenced by Hygiene. Motivators are the things that, well, motivate you. Hygiene factors are the things that, when removed, demotivate you.

Key Motivators include Achievement, Recognition, Responsibility, Work itself, Promotion, andGrowth.

Key Hygiene factors include Working Conditions, Personal life, Pay and benefits, Job Security, Relationships with co-workers, and Physical Environment.

Said another way, if you have poor working conditions or a bad personal life, you will be demotivated, but “enhanced” working conditions or a better personal life won’t necessarily motivate you. More achievement, recognition, and responsibility (amongst others) will.


What is the one thing that motivates you the most? Schedule more of it in this week. What is the one thing that demotivates you the most? Address the problem by delegating it, doing less of it, or ignoring it – whatever it takes to have better “hygiene”.

Management Insight: Consider those you manage. Are you providing both Motivators and Hygiene?

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