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BLOGOnline PR and Social Media for Experts, Authors, Consultants, and Speakers

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After a grueling amount of research, writing, and editing, Online PR and Social Media for Experts, Authors, Consultants, and Speakers is now available. Check it out at

The book itself is 130 pages, and while it is aimed at “experts”, it is completely appropriate for those with expertise working within an organization, whether they be subject matter experts, professionals, or senior executives. Some of the subjects covered are pretty important, including reducing the risk of identity theft, reducing the time “updating” your status, and of course, how to actually get a return on the time that you spend on LinkedIn and the rest of the social networking sites.

Most importantly, the book is designed to help you actually develop your profile, so that you can be found by journalists, speakers bureaus, industry conferences… and possibly even recruiters.


I recently had a chance to re-read the book, which is now in its fourth edition.  While some of the user interfaces may have changed, and some of the sites are defunct (and new ones now available), the underlying core of the book is about using specific models to achieve your objectives.  This week, consider the structure of how you take advantage of the digital channel.  If you’re not thrilled with the results, maybe it’s time to re-look at your time and dollar investment.

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