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BLOGChecklist: 20 Top News Sharing Ideas

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When there is important news, how do you share it? At the 30,000 foot level, the answer is simple: send an email and put it on Social Media. When it comes to execution, however, many organizations miss great opportunities to get the word out.

Checklist: 20 Top News Sharing Ideas

Here are 20 ways…

Social Media

  • Write a blog post about it, but tie the news to the reader: answer the question “so what”?
  • Create a mini-video (60-90 seconds), possibly including it within the blog, but also post it on YouTube.
  • Update your LinkedIn Company page.
  • Update your LinkedIn Status.
  • Publish a LinkedIn article: similar to your blog post, but edited to be relevant for your Linked audience.
  • Write a Facebook post pointing to your blog.  And upload the mini-video.
  • “Boost” the Facebook post so that people will actually see it.
  • Tweet about the news, pointing to your blog, YouTube, or if possible, to a 3rd party source.  Add relevant hashtags.
  • Send semi-customized notes to your connections in LinkedIn: this can be done in batches of 50.


  • Send a semi-customized email “blast” to specific segments of your list about the news.
  • Include it as an item in your monthly newsletter.
  • Change the standard corporate email signature to include a one-line link to the news.

General marketing and communications

  • Add it to relevant PowerPoint presentations.
  • Create a case study.
  • Use media relations to generate secondary publicity.
  • Use traditional or online pay-per-click advertising.

Probably the most effective way to get the news out is to take advantage of those closest to you.  They will know how and when to share the news in ways you couldn’t imagine.  And of course, there are more of “them” than you…

  • Let your internal team know, via email, intranet, townhall meetings, and internal social media.  (And for the most important news, you can also ask them to share with their networks on social media.)
  • Let key partners know, either by personalized email or a personal telephone call.
  • Ask key partners to participate in a YouTube interview, discussing the impact of the news on the industry.


“News” doesn’t need to be news about your organization – it can be news that is relevant to your clients, prospects, members, suppliers, or staff.  In fact, no one really likes spending time with people who only talk about themselves.  This week, be a reporter: use this list to share relevant third party news with others.

Share with your peers:  What would you add to this list?

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