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BLOG27 Reasons to Skip Social Media

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Social Media, StrategyTagged as: ,

There are many reasons why an investment in Social Media makes sense, but precious little about why it may not.  After advising on digital strategy and online engagement for over 27 years, here are 27 reasons why you should give it a skip:

  1. When your target audience isn’t online.
  2. When it is not “core” to your organization’s success.
  3. Because Social Media doesn’t close the sale: real people do.
  4. Because you suspect that the value of likes, comments, and shares are over-valued.
  5. Because Social Media is not producing the results you expect.
  6. When there is no accountability for performance.
  7. When it becomes a significant chore.
  8. When it cannot be properly resourced.
  9. When personal Social Media time masquerades as business Social Media time.
  10. When it is preventing the organization from resourcing other critical activities.
  11. When you actually have nothing to say.
  12. When the activity skates on the edge of the ethical.
  13. When doing the activity is no longer legally compliant. (e.g. CASL, CCPA, GDPR, etc)
  14. When there is a legal reason (a court order, or securities legislation, for example) not to do any social reason.
  15. Where there is a risk that inadvertent disclosure may harm your reputation or put you off-side of confidentiality agreements.
  16. When there is no commitment to community management.
  17. When you cannot (or choose not to) invest in the technologies that will activate your Social Media investment. (eg Marketing Automation)
  18. When you cannot keep up with the latest best practices.
  19. When you think it is cost-free.  (Time does have value!)
  20. When there is inadequate time to monitor the impact of your efforts.
  21. When you tried it before and it didn’t work.
  22. When you don’t have a risk-management policy.
  23. When you choose not to leverage your stakeholders to spread your message.
  24. When you don’t invest in staff training.
  25. When it must be fully outsourced.
  26. When it requires an overly large (and growing) budget for anyone to see your posts.
  27. When you choose to execute… without a strategy.


While these are great reasons to skip Social Media, the list also serves as great criteria for how to do it well.  This week, use this as a checklist: what is your organization doing, and what is it missing?

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