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Most people have no problem doing tomorrow what could have been done today. In fact, many people spend their entire professional life getting good at procrastinating. We know this isn’t healthy, so we do what we can to improve – we invent motivating slogans: Get it done! Just do it! Start your engines! Even the name of this tipsheet speaks to this issue: Make it Happen.

But is there something more substantive that you can do to reduce procrastination, and translate your ideas to action?

  1. List priority activities: This includes both critical and strategic priorities. Sometimes procrastination is merely an issue of not seeing your priorities in front of you. Selective “amnesia” is not a desirable skill.

  2. Schedule priorities in specific time slots:
    If they’re not on your calendar, they may not be done when scheduled, and will rarely be done the following day.  If they’re scheduled, at least there is a chance that they’ll be done.

  3. Remove the roadblocks: Often, we procrastinate because we have non-priorities that get in the way: checking email or websites and following old routines are common examples. Once you’ve identified your roadblocks, either stop doing them, delegate them, or schedule them in a “batch” so that they take a limited amount of time.

  4. Be accountable: Commit yourself to your goals, and then use others around you for support – and to hold you accountable. There are many ways to do this: tell your manager, hire a coach, set up a Mastermind group, or set-up an Advisory Board.


Often, we have two or three tasks that have been left til later for far too long. We don’t do ourselves any favors by leaving them ‘unstarted’, and this backlog often adds unneeded stress. Put them on your list for this week – and then use these suggestions to Make It Happen each week going forward.

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