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BLOGJourney mapping: Touchpoint Questions

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In an earlier post, I described Journey Mapping, but once the journeys are documented… so what? How can it actually be used?

Journey mapping: Touchpoint Questions

Completed Journey Maps really are just the start to a robust marketing and business development process. Each journey map needs to be fleshed out to better understand the prospect’s/client’s/member’s perspective and mindset.

Consider the following questions for each touchpoint:

  • What is the emotional state of the member at that particular time?
  • What is their state of urgency at this touchpoint?
  • Have they sought ways to avoid this touchpoint, by using an alternate channel?
  • What questions might they have at this touchpoint?
  • What are the barriers (structural, process, cost, etc.) that might prevent them from moving to the next touchpoint.
  • What stimulus can be provided to encourage them to move to the next touchpoint?
  • Have there been any complaints or service gaps at this touchpoint in the past?
  • Is this a touchpoint where a disproportionate number of people no longer proceed beyond?

These questions can be answered either through internal experience, market research (interviews, surveys, etc.), A/B testing, and data analysis. But they should be answered, this is the only way to glean insights, and improve your marketing outcomes.

This Week’s Action Plan:

While a large Journey Mapping project might not be on your current priority list, there is some low-hanging fruit. This week, answer these eight questions for the most important touchpoint of your most important Journey. And then spend some time thinking about whether your insights suggest any changes.

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