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BLOGBack to the Basics

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Career Planning, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Social Media

Wake up, wash, dress, and eat breakfast. Scan the headlines, scan LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Blog comments. Read and respond to comments in your communities. Then start the day. Check voice mail. Check email, and respond to emails from LinkedIn groups, Facebook, and Twitter direct messages. Then see if there are any comments on YouTube. And write your daily blog post. Then Tweet.

Hopefully this isn’t how you start your day, but it doesn’t take long for your so-called “obligations” to quickly expand to fill any and all available time. As we layer more and more complexity, we become enamored by what is happening with others, and shiny new Social Media sites, such as TikTok.  And given the impact of COVID, we crave this connection.

Here’s the fundamental question: Is it time for you to wipe the slate clean and start again from first principles?

  • Who are you hoping to engage with?
  • What business or profit (or personal) goal are you hoping to achieve with your time spent on Social Media?
  • How will you measure success?
  • How much time each day/week/month will you devote to the endeavor?
  • Can you afford the time to do so? And if not, what is plan B?


Where has your momentum taken you? If you’re like most, you have either spent to little time, or far too much time, online. This week, go back to the basics, and make sure that the time you spend is getting you where you want to be.

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