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BLOG13 Resources for Writers

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Do you wish that you could be more effective with the written word?   Have you always hated writing, from the first time your grade three teacher insisted you write two paragraphs on what you did during the summer?  Or maybe you enjoy the idea of writing, but you don’t enjoy the reality of writer’s block.

Written communication is core to so much: it is the expression of how one thinks and feels, the expression of an organization’s brand, and the primary mechanism to move others to commitment and action.  It is used in email,  newsletters, websites, social media, proposals, reports, and so much more.

Here are 13 resources that can help you do better, grouped by category:


This week, re-look at your writing:  how might you make it just a bit more effective?

Communications insight:  While writing is the basis of writing, it is also the basis of doing an excellent presentation.  This shouldn’t be a surprise, as critical and creative thinking underlie both: if you write well, you’ve probably done your thinking first.  (Test yourself: use these same ideas as you put together your next presentation.)

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