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BLOG25 Hours of Status Updates

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Social Media, Time managementTagged as:

Every day, there are more online venues that demand your attention. Every day, there are more people that you need to connect with and respond to. Yet every day, there are only 24 available hours. Time is finite, but what you “need” to do each day seems to grow, and grow, and grow. What to do?

Consider these four approaches:

1) Strategy: Most people have fallen into a Social Media habit. This isn’t bad, as it has allowed learning to take place, and efficiencies to develop. Now is the time to think about using it more strategically: goals, measurement, venues etc. It’s time to quit experimenting, and only do what gives you a positive return on your efforts.

2) Integration and Automation: given the nature of social media and the underlying RSS technology, content from one site (your blog, for example) can automatically appear within other sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others. If you’re spending the time to create content, why not magnify the impact? ( expands on this.)

3) Scheduling: work the tasks that are left into your calendar by scheduling specific times to do specific things. Send a Tweet or update your status first thing in the morning. Respond to questions over lunch. Check your friends’ posts and photos later at night. Whatever your scheduled frequency, lock social media “care and feeding” into a specific chunk of time – and don’t spend more than what you’ve allocated.

4) Share the load: must you do everything? Here are a few ideas reduce your personal digital load even further.

  • Ask a guest blogger to occasionally write your content
  • Do a team blog, sharing writing responsibilities with your colleagues
  • Delegate status checks, basic updates, and acknowledgements, to an admin person


Are you spending too much time on social media? If the answer is yes, then do something about it. Spend more time connecting in the real world, and if you must be online, then at least be efficient before you start: strategize, integrate, schedule and share. You can’t create a 25th hour each day, but you can use the 24 you have more effectively.

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