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One of the major downsides of technology is the addictive nature of it: even when we are on vacation, we feel the need to post photos, check others’ Facebook walls, watch TikTok videos, see who has viewed our LinkedIn profiles, and Tweet about what is important to us.  (We train ourselves for this by constantly checking our work smartphones on evenings, weekends, and vacations.)

Here’s the question: do we do better when we are not always on?  Are we more creative?  More focussed?   More sensitive to our friends and family?  Are we more likely to live more fulfilling lives, instead of merely reporting on them, or peeping at others’?

And some other questions: Is it possible to be a peak performer when you’re not always on?  Can you be always-on, yet not always be on-line?  Is there a downside to social transparency?  And do the information sources (and people) that we follow mean that we effectively are “curating” a limiting, walled-garden perspective?


This week, leave “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) to the side, and be always-on for those you are with.  You can always check Facebook (or TikTok, or your email) later.

Marketing insight: The next time you are at a restaurant, look around at all of the other patrons.  How many are glued to their smart phones?  The biggest challenge for marketers today isn’t clarity of brand messaging, or implementing nifty marketing tech: it is getting past fractured attention spans.

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