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Not too long ago, I had toured China, with stops in Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong (amongst others). At the very beginning, it was easiest to stay with the guide. They helped with everything: guiding, translating, negotiating, and dealing with all of the problems along the way.

One evening, I decided to go “unguided” on the subway to a particular district. The language was different, the currency was different – in fact, there was very little that was familiar to me. Yes, it was scary, but upon reaching my destination, there was a feeling of accomplishment – and a feeling of some small relief.

The next day, I had to travel elsewhere, and rather than being guided, I took the subway yet again. Like the first time I took public transit, I had some uncertainty, but I did get to where I needed to go. The difference was that the “scare” of the first experience became uncertainty the second time I tried it. And the third time I did so, I did so with confidence. By the time I left China, I felt like an old pro.

Each time you give yourself a new experience, you grow. And this is true both professionally, and beyond the job. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but experience gives you perspective, and confidence. Furthermore, the more experiences you give yourself, the more comfortable you will become with change – a key requirement for professional success.


What have you “tried” at work recently? During the upcoming week, commit to doing one new thing. Then do it again, at least two-three times. If you want to experience life, you have to give yourself experience.

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