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BLOGWhat’s your Foundation?

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Career Planning, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Professional DevelopmentTagged as:

Architects know that a strong building needs a strong foundation. The architect specifies deep excavations, concrete basements, pillars, and metal girders for this reason.

For businesses, a strong foundation means adequate financing, a committed management team, and a product or service that has a strong market demand. Teachers understand foundations too. Letters are taught before words; addition is taught before multiplication.

We aren’t aware of it as it happens, but each layer is the foundation for something in the future. When we learned multiplication, we were proud of our accomplishment – but we probably weren’t thinking of what might come next – say division.

Foundations are critical for professional success as well. If we consider everything we do as a foundation for the next, and we spend some time thinking about what we want that “next” to be, then we have a powerful way to prioritize the “now”. And conversely, if we don’t consider our foundation now, whatever gets built will not be of our choosing.


Too often, strategy is focused on a direction, a specific set of goals, and later, the tactics to accomplish that goal.  This week, look at your organization’s strategic plan, and determine whether it really does encapsulate the concept of foundations?

Career Insight: What foundation are you building for yourself? Consider your recent accomplishments, and project forward to what they will allow you to build. If you don’t like what that is, then change your priorities, starting today. Architecture isn’t just for buildings, it’s for professional success as well.

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