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If you could make one – and only one – phone call to improve your professional success, who would it be to? And what would you say? If you could arrange one – and only one – meeting, who would you call? And what would you say?

Would the call be to your manager, explaining an interesting, but risky idea? Would the call be to a would-be mentor, asking them for career advice for the first time? Or would the call be to a senior executive at a client, looking for more business?

Would the meeting be with your product development team, to give them market feedback? Or with your family, to discuss a possible change? Maybe the meeting would be with your organization’s leadership, to solicit their support for a potential new role?

However you answer, one thing is certain: without that one phone call, meeting, email, or presentation, you will not move forward, let alone excel in your current role.


What is preventing you from taking that first step? Often, we manufacture reasons why we can’t (or shouldn’t) do something important, yet we know that if only we did it, it would make a significant difference. Sometimes we don’t make that call because of fear, uncertainty, or personal doubt. If this is the case, attack the problem methodically:

1) Make a list of who you might call, along with the reason.

2) Rank the impact that each call can have.

3) Write out your speaking points for the highest impact call

4) Rehearse the call, either by yourself or with a friend or colleague.

5) Make the call – you’ll feel great!

Personal Relationship Insight: If you could make one – and only one – phone call to a friend or family member, who would it be to and what would you say? Now do it…

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