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BLOG26 Branded Content Ideas

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Content, Make It Happen TipsheetTagged as: , ,

Branded content can be loosely defined as content produced by an organization with two discrete (and overlapping) goals: to engage the ultimate content consumer, and to drive an organizational goal – often brand-building, competitive differentiation, or sales.

Here are 26 branded content thought-starters. Some are well beyond the “typical,” and illustrate how persuasive – and flexible – this tool can be.

  • Guest blog posts
  • Interview-style podcast
  • Podcast guest
  • A sponsored blogger
  • A sponsored speaker
  • Advertorials in traditional media
  • Columnist in a newspaper
  • Radio show host
  • Product reviews
  • Product comparisons (white papers, “independent” websites, etc)
  • “Flanker” websites for shopping or reviews
  • Paid content on content sites
  • Trade magazine articles
  • “How to” articles in article directories
  • “How to” video/ YouTube channels
  • Editorship of sections of “how to” websites
  • Monthly magazine article (real and web)
  • Sponsored survey
  • Sponsored market research
  • Creation of a research institute to fund both academic and corporate research
  • Product giveaways to ambassadors/influencers
  • Sponsored contests with corporate judges
  • Student ambassadors
  • Multiple Twitter accounts
  • Training on industry knowledge (Online/Real World)
  • Certification for industry knowledge
  • Corporately self-published books

Done well, branded content is an important engagement tool, a powerful content marketing strategy, and a key element of an SEO plan. Done poorly, it looks clumsy and self-serving.


Finding the balance between meeting the target audience’s needs and your own is difficult. This week, review the balance for any branded content you produce, and readjust, if necessary.

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