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Business Coaching for Growth

Most leaders are not searching for an advisor, but are looking to so­­lve a problem: business growth, better high-stakes decisions, strategy, marketing, people, and technology.  Randall works exclusively with senior leaders (and boards) as a sounding board and problem-solver, with been-there-before advice, creative thinking, and perspective.  Randall brings tough questions to the table, and provides strategic and tactical insights on how issues might be resolved, and how business growth can be achieved.  

The vast majority of his work is with service or knowledge-based organizations, and is exceptionally broad, ranging from helping innovators grow, to helping multinationals solve their most complex problems. His clients are primarily located in the United States, Europe, and Canada.

Randall also is a Hall-of-Fame speaker, a facilitator, and provides client access to over 1000 articles, videos, tools, and other learning materials. He only accepts clients where he has prior experience, direct expertise, and where there is agreement that his input can make a meaningful difference.

Getting started: The Ask Me Anything (AMA) meeting

Randall is willing to put skin in the game. After a short introductory meeting, Randall will schedule a full-hour AMA session, where you can test-drive working with him, at no cost, with no further obligation. Ask him questions you don’t want to ask your colleagues or your board. Challenge him with your toughest problems. Ask for his perspective on your current strategy, specific tactics, or how to address a demanding issue. Or use his time to brainstorm on an upcoming initiative.

At the end of the hour, Randall would take two minutes to ask two questions:  Did we move the needle in our conversation?  And if so, would it be valuable to do this again, on a monthly basis?  This “skin in the game” approach is a great test-drive for a potential fit.  (If interested, you can schedule the introductory meeting on Randall’s calendar at, and the system will send both you and Randall a zoom meeting invite.)

Challenges that Randall has addressed:

Managing growth at a multi-location agency: Shared best practices on business leadership, structure, and strategy, as the business (and complexity) scaled.

Stalled growth at a consulting firm: Helped the CEO completely re-think all marketing to business development to delivery processes.

Global growth for a B2B SAAS start-up: Helped the CEO scale their operation, despite challenging financial constraints.

Unmotivated executive: Coached on personal leadership for a public sector senior manager.

New executive role: Mentored a high potential leader in their first executive role at a multinational financial institution.

Business Transformation: Helped the CEO move their business from a professional services delivery model to a SAAS business model.

Sale to a large acquirer: Guided the CEO through the negotiations and sale process.

Family firm succession: Coached both generations in a boutique consulting firm on planning and priorities.

Making an Impact

“Working with Randall has catapulted my business to the next level and beyond.” AH, CEO

“Randall was incredibly deft at picking through the “noise” to help me drive sustainable growth.” HS, Founder

“Working with him over the years transformed the organizations I led.” AD, Exec Director

“Randall’s astute counsel and strategic perspective have been invaluable to me as the CEO.” KL, President

Why Randall?

Independent and Objective: Randall answers only to you: he does not accept referral fees.  

Individualized approach: Randall’s clients are not forced through a one-size-fits-all “program”.  Each client has a unique business with unique strengths and challenges; this is reflected in the engagement.  

Has likely been in your shoes: Nine years consulting at KPMG. Senior exec at an American public company. Serial entrepreneur.  Corporate and not-for-profit board member. 

Focus: The vast majority of Randall’s engagements are with service or knowledge-based organizations.  

Client empowerment:  The goal is client self-sufficiency – not selling more work.

Credentialled: Several university degrees, FCMC, CFA, CSP, HoF, plus other certifications.  And 8 books, 400+ media interviews, a podcast, and over 600 articles published.

More than just work: He has served several not-for-profits as President, earned a black belt in Karate, enjoys long-distance cycling, and has written a broadway-style musical.  He is married with three adult children.

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