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There is no shortage of books, experts, websites, and computer programs that purport to tell you how to achieve professional (and also personal) success. They exist because of the market’s insatiable appetite for self-improvement. When you examine them closely, the vast majority have two things in common:

  1. Success will be yours if only you follow “the system” to the letter.
  2. They know nothing about you and your unique circumstance.

Unfortunately, for both of these reasons, many of these resources are of questionable value. If you are unique, how can a generic “system” help you sell yourself? (It can’t.)

No one knows you better than yourself, and no amount of generic secret sauce is going to make you successful. Instead, consider these questions about your unique selling proposition:

  1. What skill do you have that is better than anyone else’s, with the greatest market value?
  2. What are you doing to improve that value further?
  3. What are you doing to demonstrate that value to your employer, to the market, to your family, and within your community?


By all means continue reading, listening, and surfing – after all, you would not have found this Tipsheet article if you weren’t doing so! But if you want to get yourself to the next level, it will take more than just reading, listening, and surfing – it will take action. Start by answering these three key questions.

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