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Thank you for booking Randall! Here are event resources to help Randall deliver his best. And also a few resources that can help you deliver your best as well.

Randall’s photos for marketing the conference

A wide selection of photography is located here, but if it’s easier, just download this zip file which contains many photos, and then send it directly to your designer or webmaster.


Pre-prep questionnaire

To begin his research and the process of customizing your presentation, Randall will ask that you fill out his pre-prep questionnaire.  (Usually he will send this to you directly, with much of the information pre-filled out.)  If you download this document, it may open as “Read Only”; simply save a copy on your computer.


Randall’s Bio

You may wish to use Randall’s bio in your marketing materials. This PDF contains different word-count versions of it.


Room set-up and AV requirements

Randall can work with just about any room configuration, or any streaming platform, but for audience members to get the most from the presentation, he has some simple guidelines.


WHITEPAPER: Digital Strategy for Event Planners

As a speaker who has observed how 100’s of meetings use digital at their events (and as an expert on the topic), Randall has written a short white paper that might also help you. Even more important in the age of Virtual and Hybrid conferences!


WHITEPAPER: Audience Engagement with Twitter Walls and Chat

It’s not as easy as it looks, both for the organizer and the speaker. This short whitepaper provides guidance on using Twitter Walls (live meetings) and Chat (virtual meetings)… and when to give it a pass.


Randall’s Promise

I promise to
be responsive,
be prepared,
be on time,
and deliver great value. (And deliver a great presentation!)

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