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BLOGSix Tough AI Questions

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Your team has come up with a revolutionary idea: “Let’s use ChatGPT to ______.” Or perhaps you’ve read an article on the promise of the technology, and want to fast-forward its adoption. After all, where is the downside to cutting costs, or building a market advantage?

Six Tough AI Questions

Unfortunately, jumping on the AI bandwagon without asking some important questions — and exploring the important answers – can expose your business to unexpected risk. Here are six AI reality check questions:

  • Where do you focus your AI experimentation to get the fastest ROI? Are you using a centralized approach, or allowing everyone to experiment on their own?
  • How do you know that your employees’ experimenting with AI isn’t also exposing your confidential information and IP to outsiders?
  • How do you protect your publicly available content from being used as training data for AI systems… or is this even possible?
  • How can you dramatically reduce your marketing and content development costs?
  • How do you protect against AI “hallucinations” and false information?
  • How might you embed the potential of AI into your business planning process, when AI itself is changing so quickly?

This Week’s Action Plan:

Most leaders can find the answers if they only knew the right questions to ask. This week, circulate these questions to your team for discussion. There’s a role for experimentation (and adoption of nascent technologies), but not without a reality check.

AI Insight: Because the tech is moving so fast (and because most leaders aren’t familiar with the details behind the tech), the answers to these questions in six months will be different from the answers you may have now.

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