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BLOGBusiness Travel Balancing Act

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When you are interviewing for that new position, and are asked about how you feel about business travel, most people will say that it isn’t a problem. In fact, some may see the prospect of travelling to exciting new places as a key benefit of taking the job in the first place.

After several months of travel, however, other realities start to sink in: it is tough on relationships. It is impossible to commit to community or educational activities, especially when your attendance can’t be guaranteed. And it’s tough on team sports for the same reason.

Keeping the balance while you’re away from home is exceptionally difficult, but not impossible – if only you did a bit of planning. Here are some ideas:

  • Set up an exercise routine for travel days: use the hotel gym, jog, etc.
  • Call home each day. Between Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom, it is easier than ever.
  • Keep to as regular a schedule as you can: sleeping, eating, exercise, reading, etc.
  • For each day away, schedule in special exclusive time with your friends and family for when you return.

Of course, the best antidote to extensive business travel is not to do it in the first place. Indeed, with corporate travel costs booming, most organizations are happy to avoid the expense.  And with the risk of COVID, who really wants to take that risk anyway?

Before you commit to travel at all, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I use a conference call to achieve the same objective?
  • Can I do the presentation using screen-sharing technology (Zoom, MS-Teams, Google Meet, etc)?
  • Can I defer or combine the in-person meeting with another meeting where I will see the contact (such as at an upcoming trade show, annual meeting, etc)?


Remember that while you are away on business, your friends and family aren’t.  Make sure that you schedule time with them, even if it remote.

Scheduling insight:  And if you do need to travel, set up a travel to-do list that includes all of your important “balance” items, including exercise, family connection time, and so on. The next time you’re away, use it.

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