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BLOGThe Center of Gravity

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Communication, Make It Happen TipsheetTagged as: , ,

As a communicator, I share my ideas by writing and by speaking. I project my ideas to others using nuance, idiom, tone of voice, and body language.  I do it in business presentations, group meetings, in proposals, job interviews and resumes. But how do I know that the message is getting through?

I don’t.

The first paragraph of this Tipsheet has a center of gravity that is me-focused: I write. I speak. I use body language – and so on. But what about the recipient? They read, they listen, they observe, they react – and then they respond. They recommend, they buy, and they hire.

To achieve your objectives – and indeed to work successfully with others – your message must be received clearly. Use words that can be easily understood. Look for active listening signals. But most importantly, look at the situation from their perspective – not yours.


Before you next write or say anything, think about what the other person expects to get from the interaction — and then deliver. When your message matches their requirements – and makes them the star of the conversation – it is far more likely to make an impact: you’ve successfully moved the center of gravity.

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