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BLOGPost-sale: The Most Overlooked Part of the Client Journey

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When it comes to improving the experience along the client journey, journey mapping and touchpoint analysis are powerful tools. But is it possible that the analysis stops prematurely, rendering all of the hard work (and marketing investment) pointless? Or said another way, is a premature end to the analysis leaving money on the table?

Post-sale: The Most Overlooked Part of the Client Journey

Traditionally, journey mapping and touchpoint analysis starts at the very first “touch”, and continues through to commitment: the contract signature. But what about the touchpoints after the ink is dry?

There are several categories of touchpoints that are traditionally ignored, but can make a significant difference to the client experience. And ultimately, to their likelihood of giving you additional work, and making referrals.

  1. Onboarding: After the contract is signed, the immediate experience afterwards will either confirm the correctness of their decision, or plant seeds of buyer’s remorse. Setting up a formal post-contract onboarding process can go a long way.
  2. Delivery: The reason why a client has committed is because they believe that you can solve their problem. Once the client leaves the marketing process and begins to interact with you and your team, what is their experience at each touchpoint? Is it smooth, or is it disorganized? Does your team instil confidence with each interaction, or is it chaotic? Beyond onboarding, ensuring that your methodology is locked down, and each team member understands their role within it can go a long way.
  3. Financial: Nothing irritates a client more than an unexpected or incorrect invoice. And nothing embarrasses a client more than a bill collection call. Ensuring that there are processes for invoice review and collection will go a long way to keeping the trust that you’ve already earned.
  4. Administration: Touchpoints don’t just happen with service delivery staff. Receptionists, security personnel, and assistants can either detract from the experience, or deliver a superlative one. Ensuring that support staff understand their critical role — and recognizing them for it — can go a long way.

This Week’s Action Plan:

At every touchpoint, trust either goes up, or it goes down. This week, map the post-marketing journey, and then begin to improve the most critical touchpoints.

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