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BLOGProofreading Makes Perfect

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I recently met two very different people: a young man from a small town with an incomplete education, and a senior executive from the big city. In both cases, they sought out education as a way to improve their value, and as a result, their professional success.

The young person was reading two books: one on basic english grammar, and the other a textbook on economics. I assumed that the books were required reading for a course, yet when asked, he said they were chosen only for personal interest.

The senior executive had no fewer than 7 degrees and certifications, and was working on his 8th.

In both cases, unfortunately, their resumes contained typographical and grammatical errors. This type of carelessness (especially in your written work) provides an unfortunate first impression, and detracts from your reputation as a continuous learner. It also devalues the investment you made in your education.


Your value is so often determined by the impressions you leave through your writing, speaking, and general appearance. Instead of taking another course or reading another book, spend this time making sure that what you currently produce reflects the quality of who you are. Proofreading makes perfect – and if you skip it, you do so at your peril.

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