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Annoyed with your clients, suppliers, colleagues, and boss? Just putting in your time, “working for the man”, all for a paycheck you think is too low?

For some people, this unfortunate scenario is all too real… but why should it be? For many others bad bosses and dull jobs are convenient excuses for a different, underlying problem: no professional roadmap. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know which direction to head.

Before you say “this isn’t me” (or “this couldn’t be me”), consider these questions:

  • Before you took your current job, did you know what skills the job would teach you?
  • Do you know what possible career paths there are for you at your present employer, beyond what you are doing right now? Do you know which interests you the most?
  • Have you spoken to your manager about the skills you should master to qualify for that next role?
  • How much of your personal time have you invested in professional development and training activities?

Most people don’t think about these questions, let alone have positive answers to them.

Without a professional roadmap, you don’t know where you’re going, and you’ll never know when you’ve arrived at your destination. While it still may be true that your current job isn’t perfect, if it is just a stop on your roadmap – and you see it as a stepping stone to your next role – at least your mindset might be a bit different.


There are many reasons for job dissatisfaction – and not having a professional roadmap is one of them. Start the roadmap process by working through the above four questions.

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