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BLOG11 Digital Transformation Journey Mapping Questions

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When the spectre of digital transformation rears its head, what is the driver behind it? Is it cost containment? “Efficiency”? Consolidation of tech systems? Or something else?

11 Digital Transformation Journey Mapping Questions

Just perhaps, the driver should be the client. Or at least, the client should not be ignored, which is where journey mapping comes in.

To get started, here are eleven journey mapping questions that play directly into a digital transformation initiative. (They are also great questions if your organization is “merely” thinking of continuous improvement.)

  • Is there a way that the touchpoint can be avoided completely?
  • Is there a way to provide a shortcut to the Journey end-point?
  • Can digital be used to speed up the process, or speed up a specific touchpoint experience?
  • Can digital be used to re-engineer the process completely?
  • Can digital be used to improve internal efficiency by automating repetitive manual steps?
  • Can digital be used to extend the reach, increase internal efficiency, or improve the effectiveness of existing initiatives?
  • Can digital be used to forge partnerships, white-label intellectual property, or earn referral revenue?
  • Can digital be used to directly reduce costs at any point in the journey?
  • Can the opportunity of digital directly impact the organization’s strategy?
  • Can digital be used to empower the prospect or client to connect with — or share their experience with — others?

These thought-starters provide a glimpse as to where a digital ROI can be found. It also opens the door to improved internal efficiencies, an improved touchpoint experience, and a competitive advantage against low-cost alternatives.

From a practical perspective, journey mapping also helps prioritize how and what gets transformed. Digital is no longer about the color palette used within the website, but rather about the user experience, supporting infrastructure, and process changes that can deliver client value.

This Week’s Action Plan:

While all of these questions are foundational to a digital transformation initiative, Doing something is better than nothing; it is certainly better than waiting to “start” an everything initiative, sometime in the future. This week, book a meeting with a few colleagues to talk through one of these questions. You’ll be surprised at where the conversation leads to.

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