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BLOGTen webinar utilization strategies

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Many marketers use webinars as an important strategy, but given the large investment developing the content, finding (and registering) attendees, and the logistics of production, how can you maximize the return on your webinar investment?

Here are ten ideas that can help:

  1. Include a clear and easy call to action near the end of the webinar.  Information is nice, but presumably there should be a next step to a viewer’s experience.
  2. Record the webinar using the platform’s built-in record function – but also use a high quality external microphone to capture HD sound.  Post-webinar, merge the two.
  3. Post the replay to Slideshare, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and any other relevant social network.
  4. Send a link to the recording to everyone who registered – even if they didn’t attend.
  5. Include a link to a short mini-survey; not only will this identify prospects for special follow-up, but it might also suggest areas for you to improve.
  6. Follow-up a few days later (email and telephone) to each attendee to see if they have any questions.
  7. Re-use the webinar within a membership site or password-protected special client area on your website.
  8. In follow-up emails to external meetings, include a link to the webinar recording where appropriate (“I thought you might be interested in…”)
  9. Include the webinar recording within the recruiting process and new employee orientation process.
  10. Include a relevant link within proposals.


This week, go back to the future: improve your webinar ROI by looking at this list, and implementing as many as you can for your past recordings.  And if you haven’t been recording, now is the time to start.

Marketing insight:  All of these points assume that the quality of the webinar content is excellent, that it is focused, and that the production quality is exceptionally high. In today’s Zoom-fatigued world, if you don’t first address the issues of content quality, focus, and production excellence, then these ten ideas are worthless.


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