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BLOGSix Steps to Strategic Blogging

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Chances are that you are not a blogger.  But chances are relatively high that you like the idea of being one.

During my last 100 or so presentations, I asked the audiences if they blog: surprisingly, only a sprinkling of  hands typically go up. When asked if they like the idea of blogging, most people put up their hands immediately.  The reasons for this aren’t surprising – doing a blog is tough:

  • Takes too much time during the day
  • Not skilled at writing
  • Not able to commit to regular posts
  • Not sure what to say
  • Not interested in debate or being ridiculed
  • Other higher priorities
  • Questionable ROI
  • and so on…

Yet, the benefits can be huge: personal or corporate profile, business-building, connection, improved search engine ranking, etc.  Inevitably, clients ask the question about balancing these competing pressures, and if there is a way to improve the “return”, while reducing the downsides.  The answer is yes.


Whether you decide to blog or not, now is the time to explore the possibility in greater detail.  Even if you never write a word, understanding how to do it means that you can ask great questions of those in your organization who do.

For our clients and friends:  We’ve put together a six-segment series on Strategic Blogging, designed for senior executives, professionals, and marketing pros. Check it out  (There is no cost.)

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