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Story ideas and sidebars

Are you looking for story ideas? A few thought-starters…
  • Digital Trust, Social Media, and Web futures and trends – where is this all going, and what is the impact?
  • In the age of COVID, is Social Media connecting us… or driving us apart?
  • What to do about Zoom fatigue?  (For presenters or participants)
  • What are the hidden costs of “walled gardens”:  Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple?
  • What can the average person do to protect their privacy in today’s world of surveillance capitalism?
  • What does the new addiction of Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook mean?
  • Instant experts, Fake news, and the rise of self-proclaimed experts: Making an impact in an age of cynicism.
  • The future of the publishing industry (books, magazines, newspapers.)  Hint: it’s not looking good.

Randall has written 600+ Tipsheets, most between 3-5 short paragraphs in length.
Each one can be used in your column as a sidebar, with suitable attribution. (Many journalists and hosts have used these to spark more story ideas.)

Interested in brainstorming, or looking for a backgrounder on the latest digital phenomenon, and the impact on today’s society?
Randall would be happy to spend a few minutes helping out, even when there isn’t a story or a deadline. Contact Randall directly at 416-918-5384.

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