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BLOG16 Blog Topic Ideas

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As an expert, writing a blog (or doing a short video) is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and perspective. It helps prospective clients (or employers) understand how you think, and how you can solve their problems.

If you are a marketer, this content begins to create a community around your products and services. Blogging is one of the most effective marketing activities that you can do – but it takes commitment.

For most people who decide to start a blog, one question eventually pops up: What should I write about? “Me” isn’t the correct answer, although it is a frequent one.

The most important topic is the one that your clients, prospects, members, or community are interested in.  They don’t care about you… they only care about how you can solve their problem.  Yet even if you know “the problem”, the question remains: what should you write about?  Here are 16 different approaches:

  • Summarize and link to a current news item.
  • Implications/analysis of a current news item.
  • Five tips to _____.
  • Ask your readers: what do you recommend for______?
  • Trends (or predictions) in your industry.
  • Ask your readers: what’s the biggest challenge you’re currently facing?
  • Write about an external resource on your subject.
  • Interview another expert.
  • Have a guest blogger write a post.
  • Top ten links on a subject.
  • Contrarian view: why a certain strategy is wrong.
  • “Op Ed”: Your opinion on a topical issue.
  • Post an excerpt from one of your white papers, or from your book, if you are an author.
  • Seasonal posts (back to school, holidays, etc).
  • Post a video about any of the above topics.
  • Compilation of “Best of” posts.


If you haven’t started a blog, set a schedule (weekly is good), and then email yourself a post each week for a few months. If you can stick to it, then actually start the blog – you already have a backlog for when you are unavailable to write.  If you do have a blog, how many different types of posts have you made? This week, try something different.

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