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BLOGMarketing Fluff: Increasing your value per word

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When you write, does everything that you put down on paper – or come out of your mouth – deliver exceptional value? Or is there a certain amount of low-value filler that invades your communications?

There are three strategies that can significantly upgrade your value in the eyes of your audience:

  1. Target: right audience – right message: What is high value to one group holds no (or low) value for others. Either your message must be customized precisely for your audience, or you must find the precise audience for your message.
  2. Audition: Every word must deliver value, or it should be cut. Low value words (and sentences) get in the way of high-value ones, and reduce the impact dramatically.
  3. Edit: There are many ways to say the same thing. So how do you know the first thing you write down is the “best” the way of communicating it? (It won’t be.) Editing not only sharpens your ideas, but gives you the chance to sharpen how you deliver them.


Target-Audition-Edit doesn’t just work for what you write. This week, use this approach as you prep for your next presentation. And to maximize your impact, add one more element: rehearsal. No audience is satisfied with empty calories.

Tipsheet postscript: I use this approach for these tipsheets, my books and for my presentations. Increasing your value per word strengthens your brand; delivering fluff destroys it.

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