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What can we do, prior to starting something new, that will increase our chances of success?

Back in 2009, when Barack Obama was “inaugurated” as President of the USA, he taught us many great lessons… even if we don’t have a budget of $150 million-plus for the effort. We can work on expectations, preparations, and celebrations:

Set Expectations: Remember that you are being hired to solve a particular problem. Because you were chosen over everyone else, there is an expectation that you will do a great job. Implication: the more honest and authentic you are during the selection process, the more realistic these expectations will be.

Preparation: What will you do the first day on the job? The first week? The first month? Thinking through these questions – even if your plans eventually change – will help you determine your priorities… and the questions you should ask. President Obama was able to use the time between the actual election to his inauguration to prepare, although he arguably started preparing well before the election was even called.

Celebration: You got to where you are because of your friends, family, colleagues, and mentors; in fact, this expanded circle may even see your success as a validation of their connection to you – so why not celebrate it? Another reason for celebration: starting something new is often scary, so why not get a boost of self-confidence, especially before you begin? Remembering those who helped you can be done in many ways – no need for an inaugural ball.


Expectation/Preparation/Celebration is not just for when you are starting a new opportunity; use this model whenever you begin a new project, meet a new client, or do something for the very first time.

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