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BLOGThe Not-So-Secret

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Motivational, StrategyTagged as:

Wanna hear a secret? If you just have a positive attitude, abundance will be attracted to you.

How about this one:  If you only wished you had that great job, it would soon be yours. And of course, if you merely repeat the mantra of “I am a successful person” (or I am thin, strong, beautiful, and rich), then that will happen to you too.

Of course, there is always a winner of the lottery, and it is true that one cannot win without purchasing a ticket; as expected however, the vast number of people find that holding a ticket makes them no richer.

Visualization, positive attitude, and personal desire are important, but by themselves they are nothing: it takes drive to achieve great ambitions. The get rich quick schemes of various promoters, along with the shelves of books on success all might be motivational, but without action by you, they too hold no value.

Research has proven that unless you have started to put into practice what you’ve learned within 24 hours, you aren’t likely to. And unless you have done it dozens of times, it is unlikely to become habit.


Look back into your notes from the last conference, speaker keynote, TV show, or meeting, review the ideas that you thought were so important, and schedule time to actually get something done. Here’s the real secret: if you can successfully translate knowledge to action, you’ll be far more successful than if you don’t.

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