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BLOG14 great reads on building influence and impact

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Do your readers read beyond the first sentence or two?  And do they care enough about your ideas to actually act on them?  Writing is a critical engagement skill, so a small investment in time can make your words make a bigger impact.

Here are 14 great reads that can increase your effectiveness – and your influence:

  1. Link Bait Headlines:  The right and wrong way to get the reader’s attention.
  2. Choosing your Marketing VoiceImproving resonance with the reader:  four alternatives.
  3. Remember First, Second, Third:  Improving engagement by bringing the reader along for the journey.
  4. Weasel words have no weight:  Improving trust by writing with accountability.
  5. The Sharpest Point:  Removing “debris” from our communications to focus on the important.
  6. Three Blog Archetypes: Writing for Results:  Unpacking the structure of effective blog posts.
  7. Blog Post Magic Bullet: Another take on effective blog structure.
  8. Blog Content Creation: Idea seeding:  A clever way to generate ideas efficiently.
  9. Creative Time and Place: Ideas on where (or when) to be your most creative.
  10. Marketing Fluff: Increasing your value per word:  The title says it all: here are three strategies for doing it.
  11. 11 killer copywriting techniques: Learn from the world of professional writers – a must-read for all executives and professionals.
  12. 24 Branded Content IdeasImpact can be spread across many venues: here’s the list.
  13. Stealing Ideas and Social Media: Guidelines on attribution in Social Media.
  14. Viewpoint: Expert-writers and Writer-experts:  Insights into the new rules of the game for subject matter experts and leaders.


While writing is important, so are presentations.  As you plan your next presentation, how might the concepts within these articles apply?  Hint:  start with  Remember First, Second, Third (which really should be called “involve your audience”), and then read 11 killer copywriting techniques (which should be called “influence your audience.”)

Action plan #2:  Who else needs to read this?  (Board members, leadership, marketers, etc.)  A strong organizational voice is only possible when each “choir member” is a strong singer.  This week, share this Tipsheet (songsheet?).

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