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BLOGGo-to Guy

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Is there one person at your workplace who everyone knows can solve just about any problem? Is there one person that your manager goes to when they need to get something done? This person has a title: the Go-to Guy. It doesn’t matter the task – big, small, clerical, managerial, easy, or tough – the Go-to Guy gets it done. Are you that person?

What is the secret to becoming a Go-to Guy? The secret is there is no secret – just common sense:

  • When asked to take on a new responsibility, say yes – and then figure out how it can be done.
  • Deliver on your promises – consistently.
  • Have a positive attitude.

Not surprisingly, these are the same basic attributes that will contribute to your success throughout your career. If people aren’t asking for your help, they may see you more as the Stay-away-from Guy.


Decide that you will answer each request for assistance with a positive “leave it to me” – instead of “I don’t think I can help.” To kick-start the process, be pro-active: ask your manager if you can take care of one of their tasks. Becoming a Go-to Guy isn’t just about solving other’s problems, it is about putting yourself in a position to develop new skills, stronger relationships, and wider experiences.

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