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BLOGChoosing your Marketing Voice

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Have you ever considered why some emails resonate, and others seem just a bit off? While the general topic of copywriting has been handled here quite well, too often emails – especially ones that form part of a marketing automation sequence – fail because of one thing: voice.

Consider these four examples:

1) Passive Voice

Neglected fee payments will cause access to be lost.
Membership department

2) Active Voice

If you neglect paying your fees, you will lose access.
Membership department

3) Corporate Voice

This is a courtesy warning that if you do not pay your fees within 48 hours, you will lose access.
Membership department

4) Personified voice

Jennifer, I’ve recently reviewed our records, and it seems that your annual fees are still outstanding.  One of the many benefits of being part of our community is our online services – available at no charge to members.

As the deadline is fast approaching (next week), can I ask you to take care of payment? Here’s [the link].

If you have any concerns about your membership, might we have a short conversation? I can be reached directly at 416-918-5384.

Sincerely,  Randall

Which of these four are better?  While you might prefer a personified voice (#4), this might not always be the best choice. The key point is that there is a spectrum of choices that are available, and we don’t always consider the voice that would be most effective. We think only about “efficiency” and what might sound “professional”. Default-mode writing is not always the most effective.


Voice issues creep in everywhere, from invoice transmittal emails, to broadcast emails. This week, find one email where a change in voice will improve the outcome. Then find another. And another.

Marketing Insight: Voice also creeps into our own voice. How you phrase what comes out of your mouth has a direct impact on the receiver’s openness to your message.   More than a logo, color scheme, or jingle, voice profoundly impacts your brand.

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