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BLOGMission Possible

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Time managementTagged as: ,

What would you do if you could have five “free” years to do whatever you like?

  • Would you pick up a musical instrument?
  • Would you spend more time building relationships with your friends and family?
  • Would you re-do your education completely, or perhaps get a graduate degree?
  • Would you start on a completely different career?

Many people dream about these questions, yet few people do anything about them. They see impossible roadblocks (financial commitments, family responsibilities, skill deficits, etc) that stand in the way. And as much as they might like, they can’t rewind life to make different choices.

It is true that we can’t rewind life, but we can change how we spend our time moving forward. The challenge, however, is to address the roadblocks. While fairly simple, try the following strategy: divide the challenge into bite-sized chunks, and then start addressing each chunk, starting now.

How hard is it really to take just one course, attend one seminar, or read one business bestseller? How hard is it to spend one evening with an elderly relative, or with your youngest child? Is it really impossible to set aside just a bit of time for your priorities, and let time-wasters slip instead?


If you could have five “free” years to do whatever you like, what would you do? If you even have a small idea of what that might be, then you know what this week’s action item is all about: make the mission impossible possible – start doing it now.

Insight:  Where might those five years come from?  Here are some interesting calculations, assuming you make the changes for 15 years going forward.  Watching one hour TV less each day translates to 136 weeks – about 2.5 years.  Spending 30 minutes less each week looking at Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc) manufactures 67 weeks.  Cutting an hour each day in commute time (realistic, since many people are working from home due to COVID) yields another 90 weeks.  This adds up to 5.6 years – not bad at all.

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