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BLOGTwitter Job Search

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Much has been said about Twitter, but how can you use it when you’re trying to sell yourself into your next role, or sell your next advisory engagement?

It may be easier than you think; consider these four strategies:

1) Networking: Reach out to your “followers” on Twitter to let them know what you are looking for.  At the same time, strategically let your network know about relevant resources in your area of expertise, to demonstrate that you are plugged into the latest issues and trends. Don’t nag them with constant reminders of your joblessness, but remind them of your value by ensuring that there is value in each interaction.  And if you are looking for advisory engagements, don’t be so boastful of the work that you’ve done that everyone thinks you’re too busy to also help them.

2) Searching: By following others – target companies, referral sources, recruiters, etc – you can be alerted to opportunities they are advertising, often before your competition.  If you aren’t following your targets, use Twitter Search to find them first.

3) Research: Prior to a pitch (or a job interview) use Twitter search to learn about immediate issues and trends; search for the company name, the industry, and the names of those you will be meeting.

4) Defense: Don’t get disqualified from a potential role just because the decision-maker (and for those doing a job search, the recruiter) doesn’t like what they see about you in Twitter – or Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.  Your personal brand is everywhere, so make sure that everything – your posts, your pictures, your bio – reflect you as a consummate professional.


These same Twitter techniques (Networking, Searching, Research, and Defense) are just as powerful when used in the selling process. This week, try one of these out – you may be surprised at what you find.

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