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by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Planning, Social Media

For many of us, Social Media has become ubiquitous: we couldn’t imagine a day without Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. or TikTok. For many companies, Social Media is at the core of their marketing strategies.

But what if the plug was pulled? What if the government, or a technical disaster, caused a shutdown that lasted a week – or three? What if the key platform you are using decided to change their model – and it killed yours? Or what if whole segments of society decided to completely unplug? (There is a movement towards this.)

Even though internet penetration and Social Media adoption is far past the tipping point, it is terribly fragile, with many dependencies required to keep it alive. What can you do to protect yourself, if the plug were pulled unexpectedly?

  • Export your contacts from as many Social Media sites as you can, as a back-up. If you’re not sure how, search for ‘Export’ from help.
  • Extract any valuable content – answers, thoughtful discussion posts, pictures, etc. – again as back-up.
  • More important than periodic data exports, use Social Media to drive users into your website, marketing automation systems, CRM, etc.
  • If you advertise, don’t just drive users to a website, but include information and a telephone call-to-action.
  • Formulate a disaster plan for your office (and family), in case all communication is cut-off unexpectedly.


Do a disaster-plan dry run, by not accessing any Social Media for 72 hours. Like all “necessary” activities, it may be hard to give up, but you’ll find a way to cope.  When the three days are up, embed what you learn into your current routines and disaster plans.

Marketing Insight: This is even more important at an organizational level.  How would client (or member) service work during those three days?  How about sales?

Tech Insight:  With so much now on the cloud, what would happen if the cloud – or parts of it – were no longer available?  How would your organization function without Slack?  Microsoft (Office) 365?  CRM or ERP?  Plan for a three-day outage… and then do a dry run.  No one could have predicted the COVID pandemic, but we can predict that there will be outages.

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