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I’m just about half way through a fascinating book, called “Linked“, by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. In it, he explores how networks grow: whether they be social networks, biological networks, the internet, or web sites.
One of his most fascinating points is that the study of an individual node – whether it be a cancer cell, an atom, a web site, or a person – is less important than understanding the connections between them. No matter how perfect the microscope (or how big the search engine), it is the interrelationships between the individual items that often determine behavior.

We know this intuitively: it is our relationships with others that determine our success. This is true whether we are dealing with clients or suppliers (a relationship of trust will often close the deal) or with a prospective employer (who is referred through our network.)


Like most people, I have been an avid user of LinkedIn. We’ll each have to see where the ultimate benefit will come from, but strengthening connections is never a bad investment.  This week, start going through your connections, and like Barabasi suggests, focus not on who is a connection, but the relationship that you have with them.  And how you can improve it.


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