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BLOGCelebrate Your Staff

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Most leaders recognize that their staff and colleagues are the ones that are directly responsible for their success. But how often do we recognize them for it? No one likes to be thought of as a “work unit”: we are all individuals doing (hopefully) important things.

Recognizing, and celebrating your staff isn’t hard, and doesn’t take much time. Here are some practical ideas that might help:

  • Do it individually, and do it on a team basis.
  • Make the recognition happen close to the achievement – so that cause and effect are clearer.
  • Do it meaningfully; different individuals respond best to different types of recognition.
  • Recognition doesn’t have to mean “show me the money”, nor does it have to be done publicly. Even saying hello to each person with a smile qualifies: the simplest things can make the biggest difference.
  • Hold your staff and colleagues accountable. When you do this, achieving goals becomes more meaningful. And so does your recognition.

The best thing about celebrating your staff is that they will begin to celebrate you. Empowering them to empower you brings you one step closer to achieving your own professional success.


Don’t just remember the stars, but look for opportunities to celebrate each member of your team. Before the day is out, find a way to recognize at least two people for their extra effort.

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