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How powerful is your network? Or rather, how do you make your network even more powerful than it already is? Try these four strategies:

1) Go Wide: Get more people onto your network list. This can be done at networking events, online conferences, and anywhere there are people you haven’t yet met.

2) Go for Quality: Get “better”, more relevant people onto your list. This is done by spending time at more relevant events, and better “qualifying” the people before you add them.

3) Go Deep: Develop stronger relationships with each person. This is usually done by doing something of value for them, and/or spending time with them.

4) Go Smarter: Use better tools to actively manage your network. This is done by starting with sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and then funnelling them into your own contact management software. (It is also done by becoming knowledgeable: reading books like Online PR and Social Media.)


Going wide is easy, but the other three strategies require work. This week, choose one of the three and add it to your calendar.

Bonus idea: Too often we blindly accept Social Media connection requests. Improve the quality of your network by “weeding out” the deadwood, and not accepting every person who walks in the door.

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